Boosts energy, stamina, and athletic performance*



SportXcel is a dietary supplement and ultimate sports nutrition, designed to support energy boost, stamina, strength and athletic performance.

Schizandra berry extract (increases blood circulation via nitric acid production in the body) supports physical power and endurance. GOJI berry extract (supports maximum uptake of oxygen) helps in athletic performance, endurance and reduced fatigue. Ultimate sports nutrition, Korean Ginseng (with the active ingredient ginsenoside, a saponin, that can improve levels of energy) supports supply of blood to your muscles. Chlorophytumborivillianum (adaptogenic herb) supports endurance and physical performance. Caffeine (central nervous stimulant) increases supply of blood to your muscles.

12 vitamins in quantities equivalent to 100% Daily Values have been added to enhance the effectiveness of SportXcel. They support conversion of food into energy, muscle tone, blood formation, healthy bones, vigor and vitality.



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